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I take her to her appointments every week. I make her meals so she will eat. I do the dishes because her hands itch and she can't do them. I am her eldest grandchild and I am the one she raised. It's not a role.... it's love. I have learned from this experience to cherish everyday and every moment I have with her.


The most frustrating thing is when people say, "I want to help," but then don't follow through on that. They don't ask how they can help, or if they actually offer to help they don't end up doing it. Actually, scratch that, the MOST frustrating thing is the fact that some people seem to want to ignore the fact that my husband is sick and is on life support (because dialysis IS life support--without it he would literally die).


I quit my job as a hairstylist to become mom's full time caregiver when her last transplant failed in November. I tried to do both for a few months but unfortunately it became too hard. I have been her for caregiver for almost a year.