"My arm is a symbol of life, hope and strength. Through this pain I'm thankful for being alive. This ain't an easy route in life, but each day you just live through it. Us dialysis peeps live for hope...hope for a new gift in life. Hope for a match. Hope to live longer days. We go through this every week as we stand as warriors, fighters, and superheroes. Our access is our cape, and even when sick we still fight everyday to stay alive. Confidence is to show this arm and to share how a fighter fights for life."

- Chinel

Despite being on dialysis and having to evacuate her home during the northern California fires, Chinel is always thankful for everything she has - family, friends, and support. She continues to remain optimistic as she waits for a kidney. Give hope to those who are still waiting for a second chance at life; share Chinel’s story and register as an organ and tissue donor:

I was diagnosed at 12 months old because there was protein in urine. It ended up being kidney failure, Glomerulonephritis. Dialysis wasn't necessary right away. We waited three years and I got kidney transplant. Both of my native kidneys were taken out and the transplant was put in. That kidney transplant lasted 21 years. Because kidney transplants don't last forever and this one just aged, it became time for me to get another. I am currently on dialysis waiting to find my living kidney donor hero.

Kidney failure has changed my life because it is changed my perspective and I appreciate more. I love to live life to the fullest. I want to accomplish my dreams and I don't let the weekly struggling in pain with dialysis needles keep me from those positive thoughts. I use social media as a way to speak out, reach out, and show my struggles but knowing I can overcome a lot through the good and bad or even when sick from dialysis treatments.

My biggest fear living with kidney failure is probably not accomplishing the things I want to accomplish because of always being sick and in hospitals. I'm afraid of not getting a kidney, or that I will just give up fighting even though I know I shouldn't.

I wish more people understood of what came with kidney failure. The pain, the struggles, the needles, the arm, the look of your arm, or the look of the catheter on your chest, the feeling of pain you deal within the arm or catheter. The feeling of treatments making you sick or feeling like crap. The side effects from your illness. The swelling of your body. The blood pressure going really high or going really low. So many hospital admissions and surgeries. Rejections of being too hard to handle in wanting love.

Social media and selfies are major ways to get me by. Whether sick or not, I put a smile on to show others what I go through with pain and tough days. I make sure I have more happiness even during days I feel like crying or am upset. Days when I feel like giving up, I put my armor on me and make sure I utilize music as a way to cope, talk to family and friends, and maybe even get out and go for walks as a way to exercise my stress out rather than hold onto grudges and hard things.

"Never give up" by Sia

"Let it be" by The Beatles

"Life Goes On" by The Beatles


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Patient Information

Name: Chinel Kremesec

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Date of Birth: January 19, 1990

Donor Blood Type Needed: 0+

A paired exchange is an option for Chinel. This means that if you want to help her but are not the same blood type or a complete cross match, they will match you with someone else so that Chinel can receive a kidney from a matching donor. You are able to help two people.