I was diagnosed when I was 15. I had no symptoms, but it was a routine check up that caught it. The cause, to this day, is unknown, but I think it was due to obesity at a young age.

Kidney disease has changed my life in both good and bad ways. I am now more thankful for the little things in life. I cherish every moment and try to live my life to the fullest everyday regardless of this disease.

My biggest fear with this disease is not being able to accomplish my goals.

I want to bring more awareness to people, about kidney disease and how we can help those with and without kidney failure. I want people to know that we aren’t any different and that sometimes we don’t have to look sick even if we really are. I also want people know that dialysis is not a bad thing. If anything it’s a great thing, it saves lives, although it can put a strain on your life. Transplant is always the goal so I would like people to know they can donate.

I maintain a positive outlook on life because regardless of my kidney disease, I have been able to be the person I am today and I’m just motivated to prove people wrong.

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Kidney Care & Transplant Program
1959 NE Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: 206.598.3627

Name: Maria Lopez-Navarro

Location: Seattle Washington

Date of Birth: 02/11/1994

Donor Blood Type Needed: O- However a paired exchange is an option. This means that you don't have to be a match for Maria to help her. You can donate to someone else in need and she will be matched with her living donor.