I was first diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease about 10 years ago. End stage renal failure occurred 2.5 years ago and I began dialysis in June of 2015. Diabetes and high blood pressure caused the disease.

Kidney failure makes life difficult. I am unable to work due to feeling sick most of the time. On days of dialysis, I am unable to do anything. The dialysis treatment that keeps me alive also makes life arduous. I am also caretaker for my profoundly disabled sister so it's not just my life but hers as well that is affected.

My biggest fear is an early death and not being able to get back to the life I had.

I wish more people understood that dialysis is hard. It takes a lot out of a person. Kidney failure is a reality that most people do not understand. It is a disease that can happen in anyone and needs more attention.

It is not easy to maintain a positive outlook on life, but I do try. At dialysis, I meditate and think about the possibilities of life after transplant.

Northwestern Hospital Kidney Transplant Program

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Patient Information:

Name: Tom Foster

Location: Tinley Park Illinois

Date of Birth: July 5, 1968

Donor Blood Type Needed: O

Paired Exchange is an option for this patient and hospital. This means that if you do not match Tom, you can donate to someone else in need so that he is matched with a kidney. You are essentially helping two people who need life saving kidney transplants.

Tom is also one of our GET LOUD Ambassadors helping raise much needed awareness for the need of more options for transplant. Read his introduction here.