I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease at age nine.

My kidneys failed in 2013 and I started dialysis April 24, 2013. I had to have both kidneys removed January 1, 2014 due to numerous infections and the size.

Kidney failure has drastically changed my life. I used to be very active and do things with the family. I would love to go camping, on picnics etc, but now I can barely get out of the house or walk because I get short of breath, weak, and dizzy. I've been battling very low blood pressure since the double nephrectomy.

My biggest fear living with kidney failure is not being the best wife, mother and grandmother that my family deserves. I worry about not being able to work and be an active member of society. I fear death living with this disease.

I wish more people understood that kidney failure and dialysis absolutely consumes your life and even your family's life. It makes you feel like a huge burden to everyone else. Even still, my family support and overall maintaining a positive attitude keeps me going.

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Patient Information

Name: Marcia Cunningham

Location: Drums, Pennsylvania

Date of Birth: 10/13/1974

Donor Blood Type Needed: B+ or O

You don't have to be a blood type match for Marcia to help her. If you are willing to donate to someone else, Paired Exchange could still help her receive a transplant if you don't match her blood type of antibodies. You would essentially be helping two people.