March is a very important time for all of us connected to kidney disease, transplant and donation to come together.

We must all GET LOUD in order to create more awareness and much needed change.

YOU CAN make a difference.

Remember March 8th is World Kidney Day

The theme this year is Women and Chronic Kidney Disease

Follow them on social media and use their hashtag #worldkidneyday

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Social media is a very powerful tool with kidney awareness because we have the potential to reach so many people both near and far.

Ways to GET LOUD through social media:

I GET LOUD because...

Post a picture of yourself in your GET LOUD apparel with the caption I GET LOUD because...

Finish the sentence stating why awareness is important to you. Use the hashtag #IGetLoudBecause


Knowledge is Power

Create fact posts using the Word Swag app on your phone and share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. American Kidney Fund is an amazing resource for getting accurate information to share. Use the hashtags #GetLoudForKidneys and #AwarenessCreatesChange

Share facts related to these topics:

Kidney Health

Prevention of Kidney Disease

Kidney Donation

Kidney Transplant

Treatment Options

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