Your kidneys do a lot for you.

Show them some love.

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The two top causes of kidney failure are:

High Blood Pressure



Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure can be diagnosed in anyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity and gender.


Some less talked about causes of kidney failure are:

Too much protein in your diet

Overuse of pain medications (even Aleve)

Stress to the body from working out too intensely

Urinary Tract Infection

Strep Throat





What are the symptoms of kidney failure?

High Blood Pressure

Feeling tired all the time

Swelling in hands, feet, ankles and face

Loss of appetite

Having trouble concentrating

Frequent urination

Trouble Sleeping



Keep in mind these symptoms don't usually show up until your kidney function is SO low that dialysis is required.


There is NO CURE for kidney disease and kidney failure.

Diet and a change in lifestyle can prolong kidney disease from turning into kidney failure, BUT once you are diagnosed there is no going back. You will never have that kidney function back once the damage is done.

When you loose a significant amount of kidney function, the only treatment options are:


Kidney Transplant


What steps can you take to having and maintaining healthy kidneys?


**Get your kidney function tested yearly by your doctor**

Monitor your blood pressure

Avoid pain medications (prescription and over the counter)

Eat a healthy & balanced diet

Limit salt in your diet

Exercise regularly

Limit alcohol intake

Keep hydrated with water

Limit Caffeine

Quit Smoking