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We grow from trials in our life and become the people we are meant to become because of those trials. So no longer do I pray to get off the roll coaster that is my life. I am thankful now for each and every good and bad day. I do not know where my story will take me next but if it is anything like my journey so far, it will be one hell of a ride.


I wish more people understood that kidney transplants are nothing short of a miracle. Giving a kidney to someone doesn’t just get them off dialysis it gives them their life back. I will never be able to thank my donor enough for his courage and sacrifice.


A kidney transplant has been a gift for many reasons. It has given me so much respect for TIME, FRIENDSHIPS and RELATIONSHIPS. Most importantly, I've learned to LOVE MYSELF. I went to school to be a medical assistant and now I can help people which is the best thing I can do after my precious gift.


I am very grateful for my wife Marissa, who not only has unconditionally supported me during the process, but she gave me a part of here body! What other proof of true love could I receive?