I was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 21.

The reasons being hypertension and genetics. The only one of three to follow in my mom's footsteps with kidney failure.

My life has changed a lot because of kidney failure, especially now since my mom passed a couple of weeks ago as a result of the disease. I've been on dialysis for 5 years now, as of November 2nd actually. I witnessed my mother, Karen, dealing with it during middle school and had a small understanding. I watched her receive a kidney from my aunt after 2.5 years on dialysis. After 15 years, she ended up back on dialysis with me, maybe for a year before she passed away.

My biggest fear since, is not fully living life. I fear myself, I hold myself back a lot because of how others view me, sometimes like I'm contagious.... Even sometimes like I'm wrong for having fun or wanting to have fun. It's like they think I'm "sick" so I shouldn't be allowed to be "normal" sometimes.

I want more people to understand I'm human, we all are. Educate yourself on the subject and ask questions you want answered. Also remember no two people are alike, so don't group everyone into one category that has kidney problems, especially doctors. I've found that usually doctors diagnose a lot of kidney patients based off of a past patient, instead of dealing with that individual individually.

As far as maintaining a positive outlook, I just take it one day at a time. I can't be selfish to everyone that loves me and just give up on life.

I try to remind myself on the really difficult days, there's always someone worse off than me. There are babies and children dealing with this, that have lived less than me and not get why this is happening, so think of how blessed you are to understand the situation a little.

I'm going to be 27 on the 10th of November with no real plan of my future. Losing my mother so recently has shown me that there is no such thing as planning. It opened me up to how I should be more spontaneous and love daily. She was only 52 and had put so much on the back burner to take care of me and anyone else. She hid her pain and problems to make sure others were OK. I want others to be that way, but never forget about THEMSELVES!

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1-800-643-1635 or (504) 842-3925



Read more information from the Ochsner Kidney Transplant Program here

Patient Information

Name: Jade Osborne

Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Date of Birth: 11/10/1990

Donor Blood Type Needed: B or O

Kidney Paired Donation IS AN OPTION with this hospital. Meaning, the donor offers a kidney to someone in the country waiting for a kidney transplant. In return, Jade who you are NOT a match for will get a kidney that matches her. You are helping TWO PEOPLE IN NEED.

Jade with big brother Josh and little sister Kwinci.

Jade with big brother Josh and little sister Kwinci.