Kidney disease can be diagnosed in anyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity or gender.


The top two leading causes of kidney disease and failure are:

1. Diabetes

2. High Blood Pressure

If you do not manage your Diabetes, follow a healthy diet or exercise regularly you are likely at a high risk for developing kidney disease.

High blood pressure often DOES NOT have symptoms. You could be an active person and take good care of yourself, however if you let your high blood pressure go untreated, you are likely damaging your kidneys without even knowing it.


Some less talked about causes of kidney disease and failure are:

Overuse of pain medications (even over the counter brands)


Urinary Tract Infections

Too much protein in your diet

Stress to the body from working out too intensely (Rhadbomyolysis)

Strep Throat or other severe infections in the body


Drug use


What are some of the symptoms of kidney disease?

High Blood Pressure

Feeling tired all the time

Swelling in hands, feet, ankles and/or face

Loss of appetite

Having trouble concentrating

Frequent urination

Trouble sleeping




Keep in mind some people might not have any symptoms at all and they have kidney disease. It is also important to mention that when symptoms do show, kidney function is often so low that dialysis is required sooner.


There is NO CURE for kidney disease or kidney failure.

Change in diet and your lifestyle might be able to prolong kidney disease, but once the organs are damage that function is lost.

When you lose 85 - 90 percent of kidney function dialysis or transplant is required.


For more information on kidney health check out these resources:

American Kidney Fund

National Kidney Foundation