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I was diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 21. The doctors told me it was caused by strep throat. I'm now 26 and my life has been put on complete hold due to my kidney failure. I'm now on dialysis, and have been for a little while. I want to be able to work and most of all I want to be a mommy, but unfortunately until I find a new kidney I can't have a baby and that eats me alive on a daily basis.


I was first diagnosed at 25 years old. I had just had my son and I was experiencing hypertension. My diagnosis and situation is hard to talk about. People give you the pity look or treat you like you're glass about to break. It makes it difficult to reach out for help, but the reality is, I need help. I need a living kidney donor.

Al Amin

Myself and his dad are not able to donate because of genetics. Maybe some angel out there will save my son's life. He was born with this disease. It's been a long journey for the past 18 months.


Dialysis would end my ability to work and be a productive part of society. It would greatly affect travel and getting to see family. Your life pretty much revolves around getting your next round of dialysis. So that is my biggest fear – I do not believe I want to live that life.


I wish more realized that kidney failure can happen to you too. Please educate yourself before making opinions and judgements. Dialysis can be overwhelming emotionally and physically so if you know someone going through this please watch your words and actions towards them.


Kidney failure is no joke. You feel tired and weak all the time and you are in bed most of the day. It's hard to have a life while on dialysis. This has been really difficult, but I am blessed with my family motivating me.


It's difficult to be the kind of mom I always dreamed of being. My biggest fear is not living to see my boys grow up, and leaving my husband to raise them alone. I try to enjoy every moment. Life is so beautiful, and most of us take so much for granted.


I have tried to live a normal life for the last 20 years while on dialysis. I am ready to get back to living. I never got to do normal things healthy people do, like travel, have children, or just have freedom to be me in general. Always tied to a machine to live, there is no vacation from being on dialysis. My biggest fear living with kidney failure is dying without achieving the dreams and goals I have for my life.


I loved the feeling of giving back to the community and working with an amazing group of brave men and women risking their lives to help others. I would love to continue volunteering someday once I am better.