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I hope that I can create change and be a role model for the younger generation. I’ve learned everything by myself and had to be a strong and independent person. If it wasn’t for kidney disease and especially dialysis I wouldn’t be a strong kidney warrior. I want to make a difference because no one should go through what I’ve experienced.


I want to GET LOUD because this disease is silently killing many. It's so important to create awareness because no matter how old you are this can affect you. I also want to let others know that donating is a gift that many can do if they have healthy kidneys. You can absolutely live a normal life with just one kidney.


My purpose and hope being a part of Get Loud for Kidneys, is to be a friend and support to fellow kidney warriors and bring awareness to this disease. While I was born with a kidney disease, I had very little information or knowledge about my condition or kidney disease in general.