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I hope that I can create change and be a role model for the younger generation. I’ve learned everything by myself and had to be a strong and independent person. If it wasn’t for kidney disease and especially dialysis I wouldn’t be a strong kidney warrior. I want to make a difference because no one should go through what I’ve experienced.


Realizing that his condition could've been somewhat preventable or at least stalled by changing (his) our lifestyle, eating habits, medical follow ups etc., was my biggest surprise. The more I read and spoke to others, the more I realized how little information (in your face type of information) is our there, especially in our community with 11% of newly diagnosed kidney disease patients being Hispanic.


I want to GET LOUD because this disease is silently killing many. It's so important to create awareness because no matter how old you are this can affect you. I also want to let others know that donating is a gift that many can do if they have healthy kidneys. You can absolutely live a normal life with just one kidney.


I want to help others to be the healthiest versions of themselves. I want them to feel good everyday and have energy to do everything they want to do and to learn to love themselves no matter their situation. I will continue to GET LOUD for kidney disease awareness so that everyone understands the importance of staying healthy and protecting the body we were given.


My purpose and hope being a part of Get Loud for Kidneys, is to be a friend and support to fellow kidney warriors and bring awareness to this disease. While I was born with a kidney disease, I had very little information or knowledge about my condition or kidney disease in general.


I get loud not for pity or for people to feel sorry for me. I want to share my story to let people who are going through the same thing as me know they are not alone. Be strong and we can get through this together.


My mom gave me the gift of life. I want to educate people about how they too can become living superheroes by donating their organs and it is no less than a privilege if you are capable of adding days to anybody's life.


We must embrace technology in order to help the most amount of people possible. I am excited to finally see bio engineering, 3D printing, regeneration techniques and hardware devices come to light.