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Second Leading Cause...and I Got It!

My blood pressure was really high, but I always brushed it off as White Coat Syndrome (fear of doctors.) I never had a doctor or nurse sit me down for a few minutes to relax then retest it. They just believed me that is was a fear of their office or the doctor. Apparently this was not the case for me.


Illness forces us to be patient. Want to resist? The disease will set a punishment. When my husband asked my recent surgeon approximately how long the transplant surgery would be his response was short and sweet. “A surgery takes as long as it needs to take.” And there it was. Forced patience. It’s a dynamic energy, quietly reminding us it exists.

Together we RISE

That energy I felt at RISE with everyone having the same mission of positivity is what I want to transfer to Get Loud for Kidneys. We are stronger together and can make big change together. My hope is that we can RISE together to fight kidney disease.