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Terri donated to someone altruistically, starting a kidney chain.

I feel awkward when people throw so much praise my way...that seems misdirected. To me, the real heroes are those who undergo dialysis and juggle that huge time commitment into their life. I would encourage anyone who is interested to reach out to other donors. There are several online groups who share a wide range of experiences.


I can’t articulate just how much of a blessing being a donor has been for me. My life has changed in so many ways. I quickly found a love for advocating! I used my channel to try to help others who were in need of a kidney, find one.


It’s the scariest most wonderful thing I have ever done! It has brought me together with the transplant and donor community. I love talking about it with anyone who will listen! And I have a stronger bond with my mom even though it’s not my kidney that she has.


Being a kidney donor has changed my life completely -- for the better! First and foremost, it has been incredible for me to see the progress my Dad has made and see how he has improved since receiving his transplant. That's been the best gift of all! 


I know it seems like a lie, but I wasn’t scared or nervous even once. I’ve never been more sure and calm about a decision in my life. I know it was something I was meant for. We truly can save others' lives with our own. The sense of purpose that you feel afterward can't be matched. The hardest part about living donation is only being able to do it once.


I decided to donate because my mom deserves a happy and healthy life- one in which she can enjoy her husband, 5 children and 9 grandchildren and continue to run her own business. My mom is the most loving and selfless person so it was an easy decision. Selfishly, I want her to be in my life for as long as possible!


I'd like to spread awareness and I hope that my story might inspire others to give the gift of life. I never even thought about donating an organ, especially to someone I didn't know. It's crazy where life leads you.