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Alexys received her first kidney transplant from her dad in 2002 when she was 11. She received her second kidney transplant December 28th 2017 through paired exchange with the help of her husband who was a living kidney donor to someone else in need.


I really want people to understand that kidney transplant is NOT a cure. Transplants only last 10-15 years. Even though I have a transplant, it doesn't defy who I am. I'm a sweet, caring, loving human being.


During my time as a kidney patient I have become much more aware of my own health and have learned the importance of being a self-advocate. I ask a lot of questions because I want to make good decisions about my health, with my kidney always being my number 1 priority.


I don't take my health for granted. Not that I did before, but everything feels more like an opportunity to better myself both emotionally and physically. Someone gave me another chance to live the life I want.


Once I started putting my health first and began advocating for my own health, I realized that I could help others who were dealing with the same issues. I am now a full time health care advocate, and I honor my donor and his family by championing kidney disease awareness and prevention every day.


I've proven that kidney disease does not define a person. Whether you are on dialysis or living with just one kidney, you can have a great life.

Marty received a kidney transplant June 11th, 2017 from a deceased donor.


My whole life was designed to push me in this direction. I have embraced my responsibility as a kidney warrior. It has made my life complete. I spend my days advocating for others. It is a labor of love.


Only through the kindness of organ donors is my family alive today. We are forever grateful to our donors, their families, the hospital staff and Organ Procurement staff who help donor families and the hospital physicians and staff who saved our lives. My siblings and I are walking miracles. You can make miracles happen by registering to be a donor and telling your family.