I quit my job as a hairstylist to become mom's full time caregiver when her last transplant failed in November. I tried to do both for a few months but unfortunately it became too hard. I have been her for caregiver for almost a year.

I am a former hairstylist, and now a freshman in college. I'm very involved in my church's college ministry and enjoy spending time with my friends from there whenever I can! I am planning on becoming a nurse once I graduate.

My mom was diagnosed with traumatic kidney failure when she was 20. The cause was from horrific child abuse, and this will be her third transplant.

Thinking about whether being a caregiver has changed my life, honestly this has been my whole life. I've never known a time where she wasn't sick so I don't really have anything to compare to. However I have noticed the stress is a lot higher, and having to quit my job has proved to be very difficult now that I've started college. But I have noticed how much closer mom and I are now because of this.

I get support from my church, my college ministry, and friends and family.

My faith helps me get through the difficult days. God has carried me through this whole journey and in the hard days he holds me. He has blessed me with amazing friends that are there as well. My good friend from church comes over frequently for movie nights when I need a break and I cherish those days!

When asked what others can do for me, I say, Pray.

This is the hardest thing you will ever do, but it is rewarding. Don't shut everyone out, and above all don't bottle up your emotions. Everything will come out eventually and once you bottle it up, be prepared for an explosion.

Location: Waco, Texas