Mason was born June 20, 2016. At 3 1/2 weeks old he was taken to Children's hospital of Philadelphia where his family learned he had end stage renal failure.

He has since had both kidneys removed before his 1st birthday due to his genetic condition. There was a possibility the kidneys would grow tumors on them. He is on dialysis 10 hours every night. His family is fortunate to have a night nurse and the dialysis machine at home. He is just about the height he needs to be and he just hit his goal weight.

This little man is such a fighter and has over come so much. He's a true inspiration.

A family friend went through the process to be a living donor for Mason, however she only matched 1 of the 6 antigens. She is on the back burner for now. If she donated to him now it would make it harder to find another match down the road. His body would start building immunity to the other 5 antigens. He's so young they are hoping to match at least 3 of 6.

The best thing to do now is get his story out, and have as many people test who are interested. They want to find him the best possible match. 

Please help share his story through Facebook using the page that was created for him here

Information about Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and their Living Kidney Donation Program can be found here

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Patient Information

Name: Mason Spencer

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date of Birth: 6/20/16

Donor Blood Type Needed: O