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My biggest fear is not fulfilling my dreams and not accomplishing something great before I die. I need another kidney and hope and pray I can find a living donor. I’m on the deceased donor waiting list but the wait can be up to 7 years long and a living donors kidney has better odds and last longer.


He went from a kid with a somewhat manageable disease, going to school, playing outside, having friends, being active to being severely sick, home schooled, lost his friends (most moved away), too exhausted to play outside, many many MANY hospital stays to the point he began to call home his vacation home.


Even though I look like a healthy 22 year old, the reality is that I rely on a machine to keep me alive. I don’t want to be tied down to this machine anymore. I want to be free and able to do things healthy people can do like traveling! And I hope I can one day with a new kidney!