I was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1991 when I was 8 years old. The cause was FSGS which stands for Focal = some, Segmental = sections, Glomerulo= of kidney filters, Sclerosis= are scarred

It changed my life greatly in that I thought I wasn’t going to live to even get to go to college. It has also stopped me from living a normal life. I really didn’t have a childhood because I was sick or in hospitals.

I got one of my father's kidneys in June 1994. With that gift, I was able to finish elementary school, high school, and even got into college and got a BA in Psychology. That kidney transplant lasted me 17 wonderful years. Kidney failure doesn’t come alone it also comes with a lot of other health issues and a lot of discovering who you are and who’s really going to be there. My story is long but I need another kidney and hope and pray I can find a living donor. I’m on the deceased donor waiting list but the wait can be up to 7 years long and a living donors kidney has better odds and last longer.

My biggest fear is not fulfilling my dreams and not accomplishing something great before I die.

Kidney failure is not and easy thing to deal with and waiting for a kidney transplant is very frustrating because all you can do is wait to get that phone call that they have found a match.

I try my best to look at the good things in my life which are my family. I also like to do normal things like bake, read and go out and take pictures of flowers and the trees. I don’t have much energy most of the time but when I do I try to do the best I can.

Read about the Columbia University Medical Center Kidney Donation Program HERE

Click HERE to fill out the Columbia Kidney Transplant program Donor Questionnaire if you are at all interested in being a living donor. This is only the first step. You are not committed to anything.

Name: Elizabeth Fernandez

Location: New York New York

Date of Birth: November 8, 1983

Donor Blood Type Needed: A

Also Paired Donation is an option. This means that if you are not a match for Elizabeth but still want to help, you can donate to someone who is a match for you and then she will be paired with her kidney match. You have the ability to help multiple people.