My biggest fear is not fulfilling my dreams and not accomplishing something great before I die. I need another kidney and hope and pray I can find a living donor. I’m on the deceased donor waiting list but the wait can be up to 7 years long and a living donors kidney has better odds and last longer.


He went from a kid with a somewhat manageable disease, going to school, playing outside, having friends, being active to being severely sick, home schooled, lost his friends (most moved away), too exhausted to play outside, many many MANY hospital stays to the point he began to call home his vacation home.


Even though I look like a healthy 22 year old, the reality is that I rely on a machine to keep me alive. I don’t want to be tied down to this machine anymore. I want to be free and able to do things healthy people can do like traveling! And I hope I can one day with a new kidney!


My biggest fear living with kidney failure is not being the best wife, mother and grandmother that my family deserves. I worry about not being able to work and be an active member of society. I fear death living with this disease.


 I wish more people understood that kidney disease is not always predictable. One can go from living a happy, healthy life to being dependent on others for your care. I would like to be working, but find that many businesses do not want to hire someone who has only four days a week available. Also, there are days when the tiredness and weakness that I experience after dialysis make it impossible to do even simple tasks.


Kidney failure and dialysis are very difficult things to overcome. I am definitely afraid of dying at such a young age. My life has changed so much with the little amount of freedom I have to live a normal life. I need some help finding a donor. I have tried literally everything.


I'm going through something most people my age can't fathom going through, and if I'm being honest I think of myself as a warrior. Kidney disease may have won this battle, but the war has just started.


Kidney disease has changed my life in both good and bad ways. I am now more thankful for the little things in life. I cherish every moment and try to live my life to the fullest everyday regardless of this disease. My biggest fear with this disease is not being able to accomplish my goals.


On days of dialysis, I am unable to do anything. The dialysis treatment that keeps me alive also makes life arduous. I am also caretaker for my profoundly disabled sister so it's not just my life but hers as well that is affected.


Mason was born June 20, 2016. At 3 weeks old he was taken to Children's hospital of Philadelphia where his family learned he had end stage renal failure. He is currently on dialysis for 10 hours each night as his family searches for a living kidney donor.


Jason has Polycystic Kidney Disease. He is a father to 6 children. Dialysis and kidney disease are a big part of the Lewis family. Jason, his wife and mother all work in dialysis. They are hoping and praying for someone to be their family's hero and living donor to Jason.


I cannot begin to explain how kidney failure has changed my life. It is an extremely hard condition to live with. When I was first diagnosed with kidney failure, I was very numb. I automatically denied it, I prayed for it to be a dream and I spent months crying myself to sleep. I would always stay strong in front of my family, but then I would close my bedroom door and cry for hours.


My arm is a symbol of life, hope and strength. Through this pain I'm thankful for being alive. This ain't an easy route in life, but each day you just live through it. Us dialysis peeps live for hope...hope for a new gift in life. Hope for a match. Hope to live longer days. We go through this every week as we stand as warriors, fighters, and superheroes. Our access is our cape, and even when sick we still fight everyday to stay alive. Confidence is to show this arm and to share how a fighter fights for life.


My biggest fear is not being able to have a family. I always thought by this age I would at least have one baby. I see all my friends enjoying motherhood, yet I look down and see my arms still empty. It breaks my heart to think that the dream of becoming a mom is far from coming true.


My life has changed a lot because of kidney failure, especially now since my mom passed a couple of weeks ago as a result of the disease. I've been on dialysis for 5 years now, as of November 2nd actually. I witnessed my mother, Karen, dealing with it during middle school and had a small understanding. I watched her receive a kidney from my aunt after 2.5 years on dialysis. After 15 years, she ended up back on dialysis with me, maybe for a year before she passed away.


I was diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 21. The doctors told me it was caused by strep throat. I'm now 26 and my life has been put on complete hold due to my kidney failure. I'm now on dialysis, and have been for a little while. I want to be able to work and most of all I want to be a mommy, but unfortunately until I find a new kidney I can't have a baby and that eats me alive on a daily basis.


I was first diagnosed at 25 years old. I had just had my son and I was experiencing hypertension. My diagnosis and situation is hard to talk about. People give you the pity look or treat you like you're glass about to break. It makes it difficult to reach out for help, but the reality is, I need help. I need a living kidney donor.

Al Amin

Myself and his dad are not able to donate because of genetics. Maybe some angel out there will save my son's life. He was born with this disease. It's been a long journey for the past 18 months.


Dialysis would end my ability to work and be a productive part of society. It would greatly affect travel and getting to see family. Your life pretty much revolves around getting your next round of dialysis. So that is my biggest fear – I do not believe I want to live that life.


I wish more realized that kidney failure can happen to you too. Please educate yourself before making opinions and judgements. Dialysis can be overwhelming emotionally and physically so if you know someone going through this please watch your words and actions towards them.